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Biden’s First Week: Harold Meyerson; The Insurrectionists: Gary Younge; “White Tiger”: Ella Taylor

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Joe Biden’s first week was filled with bold and necessary executive orders, and a plan to pass pandemic economic relief, before the impeachment trial, without Republican support–Harold Meyerson of The American Prospect explains.
also: Gary Younge talks about the coming fight with Trump and Trumpsim, starting with the insurrection of January 6.  Key question: what was the plan?
plus: Ella Taylor reviews “White Tiger,” the Indian rags-to-riches film that combines satire, melodrama and action film. 1-28-2021

Returning to Normal: Harold Meyerson; Progressives and Biden: Alan Minsky; ‘Assassins’: Ella Taylor

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The inauguration of Joe Biden was delightfully normal–Harold Meyerson comments on what happened — and what didn’t.
Plus: Alan Minsky, Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, discusses the challenges facing the Congressional Progressive Caucus–and the opportunities.
And our film and TV critic Ella Taylor reviews “Assassins,” an amazing documentary about the assassination of the brother of Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, in Kuala Lampur airport, by two teenage girls. 1-21-2020