‘LA in the Sixties’: California Historical Society 

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854 people registered for a Zoom book talk on “LA in the Sixties,” hosted by the California Historical Society. The talk opened with a brief review of Mike Davis’s work, and then focused on politics in 1967 (the anti-war protest in Century City, where the police attacked 10,000 middle class white people), the 1968 election, and the rise–and fall–of the Peace and Freedom Party (presidential candidate Eldridge Cleaver was not allowed on the ballot – because he was too young to be president), and the 1969 Tom Bradley campaign for mayor.  9-29-2023

Princeton in the Sixties–and After: Tiger Talk

The class of 1966 started out at college with the Cuban Missile Crisis, and then the Kennedy Assassination the next year – followed by Mississippi Freedom Summer, the first anti-war march on Washington — April, 1965, organized by SDS –  and our Princeton years ended with LBJ coming to the campus in May ’66, officially to dedicate the new Woodrow Wilson School building, but he used the occasion to defend the war and we used it to protest the war.  He never visited a college or university campus after that.  This was a talk organized by the Princeton class of 1966.  Feb. 9, 2022
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Kentucky Bar Assn. Annual Meeting: ‘Trial of the Chicago 7″ w/Jody Armour

A thousand Kentucky lawyers at the Kentucky Bar Association’s 2021 annual meeting attended a Zoom event on “The Trial of the Chicago 7” and its significance today, with Jody Armour and me, which included questions from the audience moderated by Christine L. Stanley.  Topics included the federal anti-riot law of 1968, the 1968 DNC protests, and the storming of the capitol on January 6.  May 12, 2021.

Jody Armour & Danny Widener on “Trial of the Chicago 7”

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Talking about Aaron Sorkin’s “Trial of the Chicago Seven” and “Conspiracy in the Streets: The Extraordinary Trial of the Chicago Seven” and what it all means today, after the summer of Black Lives Matter — with the wonderful Jody Armour and Danny Widener – andhosted by the excellent Jordan Rosenfeld of SURG (Showing Up for Racial Justice) and Booksmart of Morgan Hill CA. 12-9-2020

TLS Review of “Set the Night on Fire”: “A central figure looms. . . Leviathan itself, the LAPD.”

Across the 13 years of struggle and upheaval, a central figure looms. This presence isn’t Malcolm X, Eldridge Cleaver or Angela Davis. Rather, what manifests in disquieting detail is the antagonist, Leviathan itself:” the LAPD, headed by “Whiskey Bill” Parker, a “sloppy drunk,” a “master extortionist,” and a “vehement racist.”–Robert Anasi, 12-4-2020, “continued HERE

Bobby Seale Chicago 7 panel

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Bobby Seale discusses the Trial of the Chicago 7/8 with filmmaker Jeremy Kagan (“Conspiracy: Trial of the Chicago 8”); defendant Lee Weiner; Stuart Ball, attorney, defense team assistant to Lennie Weinglass;Corinna Fales, unindicted coconspirator; Michael Lembeck, actor (Abbie Hoffman in Jeremy Kagan’s documentary); Carl Lumbly, actor (Bobby Seale in Jeremy Kagan’s documentary), and author Jon Wiener (“Conspiracy in the Streets.”)  Moderator: John McAuliff, Vietnam Peace Commemoration Committee.  11/20/2020