Politics and Culture, 2024 and 1924: Harold Meyerson; At the Rafah Crossing: Jeff Merkley

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The special election this week on Long Island, to replace the disgraced fraud George Santos, resulted in a win for Democrat Tom Suozzi – in “one of the most Republican areas in the United States” – Harold Meyerson reports. Also, discussed: two centennials this week: one of immigration law and, one of “a landmark in the rise of the culture of urban diversity,” George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” – the first recording.

Plus: Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon is one of our leading progressives, and one of five senators to call for a cease-fire in Gaza; he explains why, and discusses his new book, Filibustered! How to Fix the Broken Senate and Save America.  2-15-2024