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‘We’ll Surivive Trump’: Seymour Hersh; ‘We Can Beat the GOP in November’: John Nichols

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Seymour Hersh won a Pulitzer Prize in 1970 for his expose of the My Lai massacre—he was a 33-year-old freelancer at the time. Since then, he’s won pretty much every other journalism award. He’s worked as a staff writer for The New York Times and The New Yorker. He’s also written a dozen books, most recently Reporter: A Memoir.
Plus: Since Trump took office, the Democrats have flipped 44 state legislative seats. What will it take to repeat that to win control of the House and the Senate?  John Nichols explains.  6/14/18

From 9-11 to Donald Trump: Tom Engelhardt; plus Wendy Pearlman on Trump and Syrian Refugees

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Trump asked for, and got, a ten percent increase in defense spending this year – even though the American military is the most massive, the most technologically advanced, and the best-funded fighting force in the world. But in the last fifteen years of constant war it has won nothing. Tom Engelhardt comments; he’s the legendary editor who created and runs the TomDispatch website, and his new book is “A Nation Unmade by War.”
Plus: Trump and Syrian refugees: During Obama’s last year, about 10,000 were admitted to the US; so far this year, the number is eleven. Wendy Pearlman explains – she interviewed hundreds of Syrian refugees across the Middle East and Europe. Her new book is “We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria.”   6/8/18

‘Trump Isn’t Stupid’: Yanis Varoufakis, plus Rachel Kushner on Women in Prison

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After reviewing Trump’s growing confrontation with Europe, Yanis Varouvakis concludes that ‘Trump Isn’t Stupid.’ Yanis is a former finance minister of Greece who took office in 2015.  He became a European-wide celebrity when he resisted the demands of Europe’s bankers for austerity as Greece held out for restructuring its debt, –But then the government submitted and Yanis left office.  Now he has co-founded an international grassroots movement that is campaign for the revival of democracy in Europe. He’s written many books, most recently “Adults in the Room” and “Talking to my Daughter About the Economy—or, How Capitalism works—and how it fails.”
Also: there are 219,000 women in prison in the United States — Rachel Kushner’s new novel, “The Mars Room,” is a story about of one of them. She’ll be in-studio to talk about it.  5/31/18

Is Trump Crazy? The Psychiatrists Speak & Amy Wilentz Reports; plus George Zornick: Trump & the NRA

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Is Trump crazy? Amy Wilentz talks about The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a book edited by Bandy X. Lee, in which 27 psychiatrists and mental-health experts give their assessments of the president. The book was number four on the New York Times bestseller list.
Also: Trump and the NRA: at the beginning of the 2016 campaign, Trump’s status as a gun person was uncertain — but he succeed in tranfsorming himself during the campaign. The Nation’s George Zornick reports (recorded after the Las Vegas shootings).  5/24/2018

Trump v. Iran: There will be No Happy Ending–Michael Klare; plus D.D. Guttenplan: Trump & Texas

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Trump’s plan on pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal is to pressure Iran to restart negotiations on terms more favorable to the US—but that’s never going to happen, says Michael Klare. And Trump has no Plan B – except for war—which could quickly involve Israel fighting in Lebanon against Iran’s ally Hezbollah, which has thousands of rockets aimed at Israeli cities.
Also: the coming showdown in Texas between populist Democrats and establishment Democrats: D. D. Guttenplan has returned from the Lone Star State with a report on the political transformation underway there.

Trump, the Two Koreas, and the Washington Consensus: Bruce Cumings; plus David Cay Johnston on Trump’s financial and tax crimes

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The amazing news from Korea about the prospects for peace and de-nuclearization: historian Bruce Cumings of the University of Chicago comments, warning that the Washington consensus opposes a treaty. His books include “The Korean War: A History” and “North Korea: Another Country.”
Plus: Trump’s greatest political vulnerability may not be Russiagate, but rather his financial and tax crimes. David Cay Johnston has been investigating and reporting on Trump’s finances for nearly 30 years. He won a Pulitzer Prize at The New York Times, and now he’s editor-in-chief of  (Trump Watch 5/10/18)

Harold Meyerson on Full Employment; Tom Frank on Trump 2020, & Bob Dreyfuss on Mueller’s Questions–and Trump’s Answers

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Full Employment is emerging as a key component of Democratic platforms — Harold Meyerson talks about the history and the prospect of a new “Jobs for All” program–and the current support for it, not just with Bernie Dems, but with onetime centrists Corey Booker and Kristin Gillibrand.
Plus, the Trump re-election nightmare could come true — Tom Frank talks about why (it’s the economy!) and how we can stop it.
Lastly, Mueller’s Questions and Trump’s Answers: Bob Dreyfuss of the Nation comments on the changing story about paying Stormy Daniels, and about Trump’s options in the face of the release of Mueller’s questions for him.
Trump Watch podcast, 5/3/18

David Cole on the Supremes and the Muslim Ban; Elizabeth Drew on James Comey, and Mark Rudd on Columbia ’68

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On Wed. April 25 the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Travel Ban 3.0 case (Trump v. Hawaii) — David Cole, National Legal Director of the ACLU, for comments.
Plus, the legendary Washington political journalist and author of “Washington Journal: Reporting Watergate and Richard Nixon’s Downfall,” Elizabeth Drew, reviews “A Higher Loyalty,” by James Comey.
Lastly, it has been 50 years since Columbia ’68 — Mark Rudd, political organizer, mathematics instructor, anti-war activist and onetime member of the Weather Underground, shares his lessons for the left: “build the base!”  4-26-18

Viet Nguyen on Refugees; plus Harold Meyerson on California v. Trump, and Margaret Atwood on “The Handmaid’s Tale”

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Viet Thanh Nguyen, MacArthur genius and Pulitzer prize winner, talks about being a refugee in the US, and writing about refugees—his collection, The Displaced: Refugee Writers on Refugee Lives,  is out now.
Plus, Harold Meyerson comments on California’s legal battle against Trump–29 lawsuits and counting, plus the teacher’s strikes around the country and their significance for the labor movement.
Lastly, the great Margaret Atwood talks about her book, The Handmaid’s Tale, and its significance in the Age of Trump: it’s now a TV series—season two premieres on April 25th.  (originally broadcast in April, 2017)  4-20-2018

John Nichols on Paul Ryan Quitting; plus Adam Winkler on Corporations, and Mark Hertsgaard on Cellphones & Cancer

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Paul Ryan calls it quits: Why now? John Nichols comments: it’s devastating for Republican candidates on the ballot in November.
Plus, Adam Winkler on how the corporations won civil rights–free speech, the right to unlimited political contributions, and what corporate “rights” mean in this time of Trump; his new book, We the Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights, was published earlier this year.
Lastly, Mark Hertsgaard on how big wireless concealed the cancer risks in cellphone use, and why the 5G rollout presents unpredecented dangers. His new article for The Nation is “How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation.”  4/13/2018