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Impeachment hearing highlights: Harold Meyerson; Sherrod Brown on Politics; Against Biden w/ DD Guttenplan

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This week’s impeachment hearings–esp. Gordon Sondland and Fiona Hill–leave the Republicans with no good arguments. Harold Meyerson comments, and takes up the question, why are they focusing exclusively on Ukraine when Trump has committed so many other crimes?
Next up, Senator Sherrod Brown was reelected in Ohio by 7 points, a state Hillary lost by 8. We ask him: what are the lessons for 2020?
Plus: Against Biden — D.D. Guttenplan explains The Nation’s “anti-endorsement” of the former vice-president.  11/21/19

Impeachment Day One: John Nichols; Deportations Then and Now: Adam Hochschild; “The Great Eastern”: Howard Rodman

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Impeachment proceedings began yesterday–John Nichols comments; he has some doubts about “bribery” as a charge.
Also: it’s an unhappy anniversary: 100 years since the Palmer Raids. Adam Hochshild talks about deportations of people the government considered “undesirable” – in 1919–and also today.
Also, Howard Rodman reads from and talks about his new novel “The Great Eastern.” Ricky Jay called it “A splendid and notable achievement.”  11/15/19

The Koch Brothers and Donald Trump; How TV Made Trump; Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis

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Christopher Leonard explains why the Koch Brothers did not want Trump to get the nomination – and how they got to be as wealthy, and politically active, as they are. His new book is “Kochland.”
Also: We all know Trump got famous on TV with The Apprentice – but how many of us ever watched The Apprentice? Reality TV was a key force in making Trump president. Tom Carson talks about “Audience of One” by James Poniewozik. Tom, a longtime writer on pop culture and politics, won two National Magazine Awards during his time as Esquire‘s “Screen” columnist; now he writes for BookForum.
Pls: Ilhan Omar has endorsed Bernie for president – how does she deal with Trump’s vicious attacks? David Perry has spent the last few months with her in her Minneapolis district—he says he’s never seen a politician talk as little about themselves as she does in her town halls.  10/31/19

Trump’s Favorite Justice: Clarence Thomas–Corey Robin; plus Katha Pollitt on abortion and Sasha Abramsky

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Trump says his favorite Supreme Court justice is Clarence Thomas – but Thomas is not a conventional right-wing thinker, Corey Robin says—he’s a conservative black nationalist. Corey’s new book is “The Enigma of Clarence Thomas.”
Plus: The political promise of the abortion pill: Despite the fact that more than 75% of Americans favor Roe v. Wade, abortion rights face increasing jeopardy at the Supreme Court,
and the right finally succeed at defunding Planned Parenthood. But there’s one immensely promising factor at work: abortion drugs, especially misoprostol, which is easily obtained on the Internet, despite the FDA’s attempts to prevent online pharmacies from selling them. Katha Pollitt will explain.
Also: Our increasingly desperate president: even Fox News has become an inconsistent and unreliable defender of Trump’s actions. Sasha Abramsky will separate Trump’s efforts at distraction from the political reality he now faces. 10-24-19

Bernie Looks Great-and Biden Doesn’t: John Nichols; plus Elie Mystal on the Supremes and Amy Wilentz on Ivanka and Impeachment

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Twelve Democrats debated for three hours on TV Tuesday night.  John Nichols says Bernie looked great–and Biden didn’t.
Also: The Supreme Court term began its fall term this week–and even though Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed at the start of last year’s court term, this year the Supremes’ decisions will be worse – a lot worse. Elie Mystal explains why—he’s the executive editor of Above the Law and a contributing writer for The Nation.
Plus: a new episode of ‘The Children’s Hour’–stories about Ivanka, Jared, Don Junior, and little Eric. This week: who’s helping Dad fight impeachment? Amy Wilentz has our story. 10-17-19

White Power from Reagan to Trump-Kathleen Belew, plus Joan Walsh on Republicans & Trump in Minneapolis

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Trump’s base among white nationalists goes back to at least the Reagan era. The recent El Paso killings have been treated as an isolated event carried out by a loner. But the attacks in Charleston, Charlottesville, Christchurch, El Paso and elsewhere are connected; they are all part of the White Power movement, with roots going back to the 1970s. That’s what Kathleen Belew says — she writes for the New York Times op-ed page, she teaches history at the University of Chicago, and she’s the author of the book “Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America,” it’s out now in paperback.
Also: Your Minnesota moment: Trump comes to Minneapolis, home of Ilhan Omar, on Thursday night.
Plus: The big question about impeachment is not the House — there now seem to be enough votes there to pass at least one article of impeachment–the big question is about the Senate and whether some Republicans will abandon Trump. Former Republican Senator Jeff Flake says that at least 35 Republican senators would vote to remove Trump from office–IF they could vote in private. Joan Walsh comments.  10/10/19

John Nichols on Impeachment; D.D. Guttenplan on Edward Snowden; Day One Post Trump–David Dayen

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After months of resisting calls for impeachment, Nancy Pelosi has authorized beginning the proceedings–and the whistleblowers’ complaint became public today — it’s devastating for Trump. John Nichols comments on the latest.
Next up: Edward Snowden has published an new memoir called “Permanent Record” — for comment we turn to DD Guttenplan, editor of The Nation, which has published an excerpt.
Plus: What should day one of the post Trump era look like? We talk with David Dayen of the American Prospect about the things that the next president of the US could do on the first day in office without passing any new legislation. 9/26/19

Working Families Party Endorses Warren: John Nichols; UAW On Strike: Jane McAlevey; Tories v. GOP: D.D. Guttenplan

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The Working Families Party has just endorsed Elizebeth Warren – not Bernie Sanders. For comment and analysis we turn to John Nichols, host of the Nation podcast “Next Left”.
Next Up: Fifty-thousand auto workers went out on strike Sunday night against General Motors – we hear from Jane McAlevey, the new Strikes Correspondent at The Nation.
Plus: The Tories rebelled against Boris Johnson; how come the GOP doesn’t rebel against Trump? DD Guttenplan compares and contrasts the two parties.  9/18/19

Afghanistan After a US Pullout: Andrew Bacevich; California’s New Gig Workers Law: Harold Meyerson; HUAC and history: David Maraniss

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How will the American war in Afghanistan end? Probably like the American war in Southeast Asia–that’s what Andrew Bacevich says– he’s Professor Emeritus of International Relations and History at Boston University.
Next up: A new labor law has passed in the state of California, requiring that gig workers at Uber, Lyft and elsewhere be classified as employees — how big a deal is it? Harold Meyerson of the American Prospect explains.
Also: Who is “Un-American”? We talk with David Maraniss, author of the new book, “A Good American Family: The Red Scare and My Father”.  9/12/19

The Problems with Biden on Labor & Climate: Harold Meyerson; Amy Wilentz on Melania; Educating girls in Afghanistan

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Democratic candidates debated climate change last night on CNN and we’re especially interested in what the front-runner in the polls, Joe Biden, had to say; also, a new labor bill that could determine the future of the gig economy — for comment, we turn to Harold Meyerson.
Next up: Is Melania Trump a secret hero of the people– or an accomplice of evil?  Amy Wilentz explains.
Also: Sola means “peace” in Pashto; and SOLA (The School of Leadership, Afghanistan)is the first and only boarding school for girls in Kabul; we talk with the school’s founder, Shabana Basij-Rasikh about the future of girls’ education in Afghanistan after an American pullout.  9-5-19