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Guns in Trump’s America: Adam Hochschild; plus Joshua Holland on Stormy Daniels & Tavis Smiley on MLK’s Last Year

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Adam Hochschild
talks about his visit to a gun show, the NRA, the Koch brothers, and gun laws in America — his new piece, “Bang for the Buck,” is in the latest issue of the New York Review of Books.
Next, Trump made his first statement on Stormy Daniels today — we turn to Joshua Holland of The Nation (our Chief Stormy Correspondent) for the update, and an answer to the question, “Why do 41 per cent of Republicans believe Trump’s version of the Stormy Daniels story?”
Lastly, yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — Tavis Smiley talks about King’s final year, which began with his Riverside Church speech denouncing the Vietnam War, and ended with his plans for a Poor People’s March on Washington.  (originally broadcast in 2015)  4/5/2018

Harold Meyerson: Trump v. Amazon; plus Amy Wilentz: Should Ivanka be Indicted? and Katha Pollitt on Russiagate

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Harold Meyerson comments on Trump’s attack of Amazon, the prospect of a Trump re-election, the new model for unions after the Janus v. AFSCME case.  His new article, “What Now for Unions,” is out now at
Also, we ask Amy Wilentz whether Ivanka should be indicted — she describes the “grotesque abuse of power” that is the Trump kleptocracy.
Lastly, Katha Pollitt says, it’s time to “get real about Russiagate.”


John Nichols: A Voting Rights Victory; plus Chris Hayes on Crime, and Rebecca Solnit on “Men Explain Things to Me”

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John Nichols reports on breaking news from Wisconsin: a victory for voting rights — in a special election that had been blocked by Gov. Scott Walker.
Plus: Chris Hayes talks about Trump, crime, and his new book, “A Colony in a Nation,” out now in paperback from W. W. Norton & Company.
Also today is the 10th anniversary of “Men Explain Things To Me.”  We hear the backstory from the author, Rebecca Solnit.

David Corn on Trump & Putin; Peter Dreier on Disney workers; The Man who Stopped the My Lai massacre

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Why is there no Trump Tower in Moscow?  David Corn talks about Trump, Putin and his new book, “Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump.”
Plus: Is Disneyland really the happiest place on earth? Peter Dreier says, “no, not for the workers.” Dreier, Professor of Political Science at Occidental College, was also part of the research team that produced an Economic Roundtable report, “Working for the Mouse: A Survey of Disneyland Employees,” released February, 2018.
Also: March 16 marks the 50th anniversary of the My Lai massacre; we talk with Hugh Thompson, the pilot who stopped the killing fifty years ago.   3/15/2018

How Those Parkland Kids are Changing Gun Politics: George Zornick, plus Jane McAlevey on Unions

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The mass shooting at that high school in Parkland, Florida is still in the news, because of the brilliant political work being done by the students there. George Zornick analyzes the big picture: the decline of the gun industry, the growth in support for an assault weapons ban, and campaigns to shame companies that support the NRA.
Plus: Last week the supreme court heard a case that could cripple public-sector unions, some of the last strong unions in America. Jane McAlevey talks about Janus v. AFSCME and what the unions need to do to recover the ground they have lost. 3/8/18

Is it time to break up Amazon? Stacy Mitchell, plus Bryce Covert on low wage workers

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Amazon is a radically new kind of monopoly that seeks to control all of online commerce. Stacy Mitchell says it’s time for anti-trust action to separate the Amazon Marketplace from Amazon’s own retail operations.
Also: Why have wages stagnated since the seventies? Bryce Covert says one reason is the mandatory noncompete and no-poaching agreements that prevent low-wage workers from taking better-paying jobs. California has made them unenforceable; the rest of the states should do the same.  3/1/2018

Elizabeth Warren: Trump and Monopoly Power–George Zornick reports; plus David Dayen on Warren Buffett

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Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to make the fight against monopoly power in America a key part of the Democrats’ agenda; George Zornick reports.
Also, Warren Buffett’s secret: “The sage of Omaha” is America’s favorite tycoon. He supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for president; he’s in favor of taxing the rich. But David Dayen says Warren Buffett’s wealth–through his firm Berkshire Hathaway–has actually been built on monopoly power. 2/21/18

Here Comes the Next Financial Crisis: Nomi Prins, plus Ann Jones on Norwegians and Trump

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Here comes the next financial crisis: maybe not this week, but eventually—and Republican deregulation, undermining the institutions designed to protect us, will make it much worse. Nomi Prins explains.
Plus: Remember when Trump said we should get fewer immigrants from “shithole countries,” and more from places like Norway? Ann Jones lived in Norway for four years; she explains what Norwegians might bring to the US if they did come: a commitment to equality in health care, education, and a dozen other necessities.  2/14/18

The whiteness of Trump’s working class supporters: Gary Younge; plus Amy Wilentz on Ivana

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Gary Younge traveled from Maine to Mississippi interviewing Trump’s white working-class supporters. He found anxiety, pain, and a loss of hope. For many, he concludes, “Whiteness is all they’ve got.”
Plus, Amy Wilentz talks about Ivana Trump’s new memoir, ‘Raising Trump’—stories about Don Jr., Ivanka, and little Eric, and their mom and dad. It’s like a reality show about “Real Housewives of Trump Tower.”

Women Run Against Trump: John Nichols, plus Alfred McCoy on Fortress America

Trump’s not on the ballot this year, but that’s not stopping Democratic women from running against him in races across the country. John Nichols reports on recent Democratic victories where female candidates in special elections in state races flipped formerly Republican seats—they show how to do it in the mid-term elections in November.
Also: Fortress America is crumbling—the rise of China started long before Trump, but he’s alienated allies and abandoned alliances in a way that may now make the process irreversible. Alfred McCoy explains.
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