The Koch Brothers and Donald Trump; How TV Made Trump; Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis

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Christopher Leonard explains why the Koch Brothers did not want Trump to get the nomination – and how they got to be as wealthy, and politically active, as they are. His new book is “Kochland.”
Also: We all know Trump got famous on TV with The Apprentice – but how many of us ever watched The Apprentice? Reality TV was a key force in making Trump president. Tom Carson talks about “Audience of One” by James Poniewozik. Tom, a longtime writer on pop culture and politics, won two National Magazine Awards during his time as Esquire‘s “Screen” columnist; now he writes for BookForum.
Pls: Ilhan Omar has endorsed Bernie for president – how does she deal with Trump’s vicious attacks? David Perry has spent the last few months with her in her Minneapolis district—he says he’s never seen a politician talk as little about themselves as she does in her town halls.  10/31/19