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Winning back the White Working Class from Donald Trump: Harold Meyerson

Harold Meyerson of The American Prospect proposes concrete programs to win back white working class voters who switched from Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016–starting with infrastructure and public works programs that include rural America, where support for Trump was high.  The New Deal provides examples of how government programs like the TVA can stimulate economic growth in poor regions.
plus George Zornick of The Nation talks about the Senate Republicans’ healthcare fiasco–we call it “Trumpcare,” even though Trump probably doesn’t understand much about it.  We also talk about future of Obamacare, and single payer/Medicare-for-all coverage.
and legendary LA activist attorney Carol Sobel makes the case for the rights of homeless people–she’s sued the LAPD and the city of LA dozens of times and won many crucial victories.  She recently received a lifetime achievement award from the ACLU of Southern Califonira.
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The Jared Report: Trump’s Most Trusted Advisor Goes to the Mideast–Amy Wilentz

Amy Wilentz talks about Jared Kushner, the most trusted man in the Trump White House, as he arrives in Israel seeking peace in the Mideast.  She reviews Jared’s history as a New York real estate maven; as publisher–and destroyer–of the New York Observer; and she comments on his first public speech as a government official, addressed to Silicon Valley tech CEOs assembled at the White House — a pathetic effort.
Also Harold Meyerson of The American Prospect comments on the fate of Trumpcare in the Senate and the implications for winning single-payer Medicare-for-all coverage; and he looks for lessons for Democrats in the defeat of Jon Ossoff for Congress in suburban Atlanta.
Plus: John Nichols of The Nation makes the case that Trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, and thus should be impeached by the House and put on trial in the Senate.
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Rick Perlstein: Another Bad Day for Donald Trump

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Every day seems to be a bad news day for the President — today, yesterday, the day before. . . Rick Perlstein comments–and points out the anniversary of the Watergate break-in this week.
plus Jonathan Lethem on Bob Dylan‘s Nobel speech and the new anthology Shake It Up: Great American Writing on Rock.
and  Larry Tye talks about how Bobby Kennedy brought together the white working class with people of color in 1968–something we need today.  His new book is Bobby Kennedy: The making of a liberal icon.

Trump is a Cornered Maniac: Sasha Abramsky

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As things get worse for Donald Trump, he’s likely to become more irrational and dangerous, says Sasha Abramsky of The Nation.
Also–Trump is NOT like Nixon–that’s what Rick Perlstein says. He wrote the classic Nixonland.

Tricky Dick and Donald: Harold Meyerson

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Harold Meyerson
traces parallels–and differences–between Nixon’s efforts to stop the FBI from investigating him, and Trump’s efforts to stop the FBI from investigating him.  The first obviously led toward impeachment and resignation; will the second?
Also: Evangelicals and politics: Frances Fitzgerald comments.

The Trouble with Trump’s Tweets: Amy Wilentz

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Amy Wilentz follows Donald Trump on Twitter — we ask her what that’s like, and why she does it. Also, she has a modest proposal: somebody should stop him.
Plus: Harold Meyerson on the Trump impeachment scenario: lessons from the Democrats’ successful effort to remove Nixon, and the Republicans’ failure to remove Bill Clinton.


The Special Counsel and the Impeachment Scenario: John Nichols

John Nichols comments on the appointment of Robert Mueller as special prosecutor, and its significance for the impeachment scenario: he argues that the lack of transparency over the months and perhaps years of Mueller’s work will not be good for democracy.
and Ari Berman reports on the Supreme Court’s excellent ruling in the North Carolina voting rights case, and on Trump’s miserable “election integrity” commission.



Harold Meyerson: How the Comey Firing Takes Us toward Impeachment

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Trump firing FBI Director James Comey, and the Republican loyalty to the president — make it more likely the Dems will retake the House in the 2018 elections–and launch an impeachment investigation: that’s what Harold Meyerson argues.

Also, Laura Poitras talks about her film about Julian Assange, “Risk.”

John Nichols: The House GOP Vote on Obamacare is Indefensible

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John Nichols on the House Republicans’ vote to repeal and replace Obamacare–he says the Democrats have an obligation to resist.
Plus Margaret Atwood on the shocking relevance of “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu;
and Katha Pollitt says “It’s not McCarthyism to demand an investigation of Trump.”

Why We Were Wrong about Trump: Rick Perlstein

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says “I thought I understood the American right. Trump proved me Wrong.”

And the great BILL McKIBBEN talks about the People’s Climate March, coming up in Washington this Saturday. We’ll have a rundown of all the sister marches in southern California – from Santa Barbara and Ventura to Riverside to Irvine– and also the LA Sister March in Wilmington, in the LA Harbor area.

Also, our favorite county supervisor, SHEILA KUEHL, talks about the “Resist Los Angeles” march on Monday May 1 – starting in MacArthur Park at 11. says “I thought I understood the American right. Trump Proved Me Wrong.”