Drafting Articles of Impeachment: for Trump, & Nixon: Rick Perlstein; plus John Powers on John LeCarre

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The Trump impeachment proceedings have one big difference from Nixon’s–the Republicans are not participating in drafting articles of impeachment. Rick Perlstein argues that, as a result, the Democrats should include all of Trump’s high crimes–not just those that might win a few Republican votes.
And we also talk about one of our favorite writers, John le Carré –he has a new book out: ‘Agent Running in the Field’–they’re calling it his “Brexit book.” It’s number five on the best seller list. He’s now 88 years old, he’s written twenty-six books, mostly about loyalty and betrayal, mostly during the Cold War – they’ve been published in over 50 countries and 40 languages. John Powers comments-–he’s Critic-at-Large on “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross.  11/28/19