Trump Voters’ ‘Precarious Manhood”; AIPAC v. The Squad; Women voters after Trump’s Guilty Verdict

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Male Trump voters tend to have what researches call ‘precarious manhood’ – determined by the frequency of their search terms for things such as: “penis enlargement” “Viagra” and “hair restoration” – Harold Meyerson comments

Also: The Israel lobby AIPAC is spending millions to defeat Representative Jamaal Bowman in the New York state Democratic primary. That’s because he called for a permanent ceasefire back in October, and describes what’s happening in Gaza now as “an ongoing genocide.” Alan Minsky has our analysis of the campaign – he’s Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America.

Plus: The Trump verdict and women voters: Exit polls have consistently shown women voting Democratic, and men voting Republican – especially with Trump. How much wider will the Gender Gap get, now that Trump has been found guilty-of lying about having had sex with a porn star? Katha Pollitt will comment.  6-13-2024