The Gates Foundation: Tim Schwab; Kyrsten Sinema: Aida Chavez; plus Katha Pollitt on Dr. Seuss, and Eric Foner on Obama

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First, the divorce last May, and then Warren Buffett resigned as a trustee last week; so, who exactly IS Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world, giving his money to? Tim Schwab, writer of award-winning reports on the Gates Foundation, explains.
Next Up: the political transformation of Kyrsten Sinema: Aida Chavez of The Intercept reports.
Also: Dr. Seuss Enterprises took six of his books out of print because they contained racist drawings. Katha Pollitt comments.
And, Obama’s best-selling autobiography, “A Promised Land” reminds us of a time when Donald Trump barely existed on our political landscape and in our consciousness. Historian Eric Foner comments.  7/1/2021