Politics & Abortion Rights: Harold Meyerson & Amy Littlefield, plus Rebecca Solnit: People change

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Repealing Roe v. Wade will be a disaster for women, but a gift to Democrats in the upcoming midterms–an opportunity to win close races in swing states. Harold Meyerson runs down the key races where Dems should be able to win.
Also: It’s all up to the states now, where grassroots groups are preparing an enormous logistics operation to move people across entire regions of the country that are about to go dark on abortion access. Amy Littlefield, The Nation’s abortion access correspondent, weighs in.
Plus: Why did we stop believing that people can change? Don’t we want people who did bad things to understand the damage they caused? Don’t we want them to acknowledge it and make reparations? Bestselling author, Rebecca Solnit explains.  5-12-2022