Free Speech on Campus? Ben Wizner; Biden and Haiti: Amy Wilentz; Abortion Underground: Amy Liittlefield

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Almost 3,000 students have been arrested at more than 60 college campuses protesting American support for Israel’s war in Gaza. Schools have a responsibility to maintain order. But they must not sacrifice the principles of free speech that are core to their educational mission. How have they been doing? Ben Wizner comments. He’s Director of the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project.

Next: Kenya finally is sending 1000 police officers to Haiti on what is called a “UN security mission,” and Joe Biden held a gala state dinner honoring the president of Kenya for doing it. Amy Wilentz will comment on what she calls “the Devils’ Ball.”

Plus: Since Roe was overturned, pregnant people seeking medication abortions in red states have found help from providers operating at the edge of the law. Amy Littlefield reports.  5-30-2024