Biden as Working Class Hero: Harold Meyerson; Trumpers & Us: Katha Pollitt; Will Smith’ “Amend” on Netflix: Eric Foner

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Joe Biden is becoming a working class hero, after the strongest statement in support of unions since FDR: Harold Meyerson talks about support for Amazon workers in Alabama.
Also: Katha Pollitt takes up the question, what can we do about the 74 million people who voted for Trump?
Plus: Eric Foner will talk about Will Smith’s new 6-part series on Netflix–it’s about the 14th Amendment, which established birthright citizenship, and guarantees equal protection to “all persons” in the United States – the show is called “Amend.”
And we have a new feature: “What Does Science Say?” today: the effect of Black Lives Matter protests on police killings. 3-5-21