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Katha Pollitt: ‘If Hillary Loses, It’s Your Fault’: The Nation podcast 9/29

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unenthusiastic about Hillary Clinton? Katha Pollitt says, “If she loses, it’s your fault”—so it’s time to go to work on phone banks and canvassing.

Also: Why does Trump appeal to so many voters?  Kai Wright went deep into to Trump territory on Long Island to find out—he’s host and producer of The Nation’s new podcast, “The United States of Anxiety.”

Plus: The Labour left won a big victory in Britain with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as party leader. D.D. Guttenplan explains.

Post-debate exuberance in Hillaryland: John Nichols on KPFK

For our political update today, we’ll talk with John Nichols about the world after the great debate on Monday night: the exuberance and feeling of triumph among Clinton supporters.

Also: a new documentary about a chilling disaster at a Titan II missile complex in Arkansas in September, 1980, where the most powerful nuclear warhead in our arsenal nearly was detonated.  We’ll speak with award-winning director Robbie Kenner and the writer Eric Schlosser about “Command and Control”–the film opens Friday at the Nuart in LA and is rolling out across America.

Plus: the death penalty in California.  Voters here will face TWO death penalty initiatives on the November ballot – Prop 62 would abolish the death penalty, while Prop. 66 attempts to quote “fix” it make it work faster.  Stephen Rohde says “Yes on 62, Nix on 66!”

Bernie Sanders Speaks: The Nation podcast 9/22

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The Nation interview with Bernie
: John Nichols, who with Katrina vanden Heuvel sat down with the senator, sets the scene and introduces our excerpts.  Bernie talks about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the future of the Democratic Party.

Plus: Edward Snowden explains his motivation for revealing the extent of NSA surveillance, and says he’d be willing to go to jail if he could come home. Amy Wilentz explains Snowden’s appearance via live video from Moscow at a UC Irvine conference and introduces our excerpts.

Also: Henry Kissinger, war criminal and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, has announced he will not endorse either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Greg Grandin talks about Kissinger’s life and crimes—his book Kissinger’s Shadow is out now in paperback.

The Political Impact of Latino Immigration: KPFK 9/21

The political impact of Latino immigrants on state politics: HAROLD MEYERSON explains the difference between Texas, which has an identical proportion of Latinos and is a terrible Republican state, and California, which is Democratic, and pretty darn good.

Also: What’s it like to be an abortion provider in Utah—where state laws have made it almost impossible for women to get abortions?  we’ll ask Dr. Leah Torres – she’s one of about ten remaining abortion providers in the entire state.

Plus: our dirty elections: ANDREW GUMBEL has that unfortunate story.  He’s an award-winning investigative reporter who worked for 20 years as a foreign correspondent for The Guardian and the Independent, and his new book is Down for the Count: Dirty Elections and the Rotten History of Democracy in America.

Oliver Stone on ‘Snowden’: The Nation Podcast 9/15

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he film Snowden, which opens this weekend, was turned down by all of the big Hollywood studios. Director Oliver Stone explains what it took to make his film about the NSA whistle-blower—and why Edward Snowden deserves a presidential pardon.

Plus: Nation Sports Editor Dave Zirin says Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police violence is changing the NFL, which has been a bastion of support for our permanent state of war.

And Margo Jefferson talks about what she calls “Negroland”—the world of the black elite in the 1950s, the world in which she grew up. She won the Pulitzer Prize in Criticism; her book Negroland: A Memoir won the National Book Critics Circle award—it’s out now in paperback.

Remembering Stanley Sheinbaum: Bob Scheer on KPFK 9/14

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Stanley Sheinbaum
died on Monday – he was one of the greats in progressive politics.   Perhaps his most important achievement, at least for LA, came when he was head of the Police Commission during the Rodney King riots, and he worked to get rid of the horrible police chief Darryl Gates.   We’ll speak with BOB SCHEER about Stanley.

Also: Donald Trump announced his plan that will “solve the problem” of child care — HAROLD MEYERSON of The American Prospect comments.  Also: Hillary’s pneumonia–not that important; and rising middle class incomes–very important.

Plus: OLIVER STONE talks about his new film “Snowden” – it opens on Friday.

White Workers, Trump, and Clinton: The Nation podcast 9/8

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It’s the year of the white working class, and Joan Walsh reports on the Democrats’ efforts to win back the voters they have been losing since the sixties.

Plus, the fight over the Clinton Foundation: Amy Wilentz says it’s time for Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea to step aside—immediately, and forever.

Also: What is it like to be an abortion provider in an anti-choice state? Dr. Leah Torres describes her work as one of the only doctors providing abortions in Utah.

Katha Pollitt: Remembering Phyllis Schlafly–KPFK 9/7

Phyllis Schlafly died Monday—they called her “the first lady of the right.”  Katha Pollitt considers what Phyllis Schafly might have been, if it weren’t for women like Phyllis Schlafly.

Also: Rosa Brooks explains How Everything Became War, and the Military Became Everything (the title of her new book).  She’s a law professor at Georgetown University and a former op-ed columnist for the LA Times (and she’s also the daughter of Barbara Ehrenreich).

And we’ll talk about politics with John Nichols—the new CNN poll shows Trump AHEAD BY TWO, while the new Washington Post poll shows it’s almost impossible for him to win.

Jill Stein Wants a Green New Deal: The Nation Podcast 9/1

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In this exclusive interview with Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for president responds to the most common criticisms she hears: Won’t a Green vote make Trump’s victory more likely? Didn’t Bernie show it was better for progressives to work inside the Democratic Party? She also lays out her plan for a “Green New Deal.”

Plus: French officials banned the burkini from beaches on the grounds that it was “a symbol of the enslavement of women.” Katha Pollitt has a different view.

And as Labor Day weekend approaches, Harold Meyerson analyzes some political victories for the working class, especially in California, where Democrats have complete control of state politics.

Why Obama Should Pardon Snowden: The Nation podcast 8/25

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Amnesty for Edward Snowden: ACLU attorney Ben Wizner argues that President Obama should do the right thing in view of the NSA whistle-blower’s contributions to freedom and democracy.

The power of independent journalism was demonstrated last week when the Justice Department announced the end of privately run prisons in the federal prison system. Seth Freed Wessler explains what it took to uncover dozens of questionable deaths in these corporate, for-profit facilities in his yearlong investigation for The Nation.

Also: Who is Jared Kushner, and why does Donald Trump listen to his advice? Amy Wilentz tells the story of Trump’s influential son-in-law: how his father, Charles Kushner, was sent to prison by then–US Attorney Chris Christie; how the 2007 crash nearly destroyed the family’s real-estate fortune; and how he’s advising the Republican candidate.