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Trump reverses course on Russia, China, & Steve Bannon

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Trump seems to have changed his mind about a lot of things in the last day or two –it seems like Putin is no longer his number one friend, China is no longer his number one enemy, and Steve Bannon is no longer his number one “chief strategist.” Harold Meyerson comments.
Also: how we got from Ferguson to Trump’s election: Chris Hayes explains—his new book is “A Colony in a Nation.”
Plus: Is Trump like Nixon? Is collusion with the Russians to win election sort of like Watergate? We’ll ask John A. Farrell – his new book is “Richard Nixon: The Life.”

The GOP Repeal-and-Replace Fiasco: John Nichols on Trump Watch 3/23

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The House GOP abandoned its vote to repeal Obamacare and replace it with TrumpCare, I mean RyanCare. On ”Trump Watch” we have comment from John Nichols of The Nation.

Also: Why do many white workers who voted for Trump still support him? The Nation sent D.D. Guttenplan to the rust belt to find out— he’s returned now with his report.

Plus: The City of LA has expanded its sanctuary policy – but the County sheriff is pulling back from the crucial question of the jails. We’ll speak about it with Ahilan Arulanantham, legal director of the ACLU of southern California.

LA County’s Progressive Alternative to Trump: Trump Watch 3/15

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Sheila Kuehl talks about all the ways Los Angeles county has taken a stand against Trump. LA County is bigger than 44 states; Sheila is one of five elected members of the Board of Supervisors.

Also: The endless war in Afghanistan: now it’s Trump’s. Andrew Bacevich comments on America’s longest war — 14 years long and no end in sight.

Plus: Harold Meyerson talks about Trump’s bad week: a budget facing lots of opposition, a health care “plan” facing lots of opposition, and a second Muslim travel ban that’s been blocked by the courts.

The first Dreamer goes to Court; TrumpCare goes to the House: Trump Watch 3/12

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Congressman Ted Lieu of Los Angeles talks about TrumpCare, the new Muslim Travel Ban, and the call to investigate wiretapping of Trump Tower.

Also: “High Noon” was the 1952 Western where Gary Cooper has to face the bad guys alone, because the local townspeople are all cowards. Glenn Frankel, the Pulitzer-prize winning author, says it’s an allegory about the Hollywood Blacklist – and he thinks there are parallels to today.  His new book is High Noon.

And Mark Rosenbaum is the attorney at Public Counsel who’s been on the front lines of the fight against Trump’s Muslim ban.  Yesterday he argued the first case of a Dreamer they’re trying to deport, in Seattle, and he represents the Afghan family that was detained for more than 40 hours at LAX last week despite the fact that they had visas and had been vetted for entry into the country.

Will Ivanka Save Us? Amy Wilentz on Trump Watch

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Amy Wilentz
reviews recent reports that Ivanka has checked her father’s worst impulses, especially on LGBTQ rights, and maybe on the National Endowments of the Arts and Humanities. Amy’s cover story about Ivanka appeared in The Nation last week.

And John Nichols reviews Trump’s first month — and answers the question, ‘What is Trump’s biggest achievement thus far?’  His answer: creating the biggest opposition movement in 100 years.

“The leaks were real but the stories are fake”: TrumpWatch Podcast 2-16

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John Nichols comments on Trump’s first press conference as president.  Paul Ryan must have been tearing his hair out: he waited eight years to get a Republican in the White House, and now Trump has squandered his “honeymoon period” and is spending more time talking about CNN than about GOP plans on taxes, trade, immigration, and Obamacare.

Our Insane Clown President: Matt Taibbi on TrumpWatch 2-9

Matt Taibbi says “Trump made idiots of us all.” He covered the campaign for Rolling Stone—and his new book is “Insane Clown President.”

Also: suing the president: it’s not easy. But Erwin Chemerinsky has found a way to do it–under the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Erwin is Dean of the law school at UC Irvine.

The First Trump Watch Podcast: Harold Meyerson, Jane Mayer, Amy Wilentz – KPFK 2/2

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Today in Trump World: For that we turn to HAROLD MEYERSON, with the story of Trump’s efforts to recruit leaders of the construction trades.  Harold ouf course is executive editor of The American Prospect and a regular contributor to the LA Times op-ed page and other publications.

Plus: JANE MAYER of the New Yorker reports on Dark Money and Donald Trump – the big money donors, especially the Koch brothers, didn’t want him, but he won anyway – what does that tell us?  Her book Dark Money is out now in paperback.

And AMY WILENTZ will talk about Ivanka, our de-facto First Lady — what can she possibly do for women who work?  Amy has the cover story in The Nation, about Ivanka.


Trump and the Women’s March: Harold Meyerson and Katha Pollitt on KPFK 1/26

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KATHA POLLITT talks about the Women’s March last Saturday, and why it was so great — starting with the Pussy Hats.

And Harold Meyerson reviews the situation in Washington –Trump’s first week has been a lively one.  Harold of course is Executive Editor of The American Prospect.

Also, Alan Minsky explains what’s happening with Trump and Trade after the TPP and with NAFTA after the blow-up with the Mexican president.