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Are Hillary’s Poll Numbers Misleading? 8/7

Political science tells us Hillary Clinton will win the election—the poll numbers are so clearly in her favor. As of this moment, the authoritative FiveThirtyEight “polls only” forecast says Clinton’s chance of beating Trump is 86.6 percent. But polling is an inexact science, and a lot of pundits are asking: Could the polls be wrong this time?
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Ivanka & Hillary: Amy Wilentz on TheNation podcast 7/29

Amy Wilentz looks at gender in politics today: Donald Trump’s brand of masculinity, Ivanka Trump’s brand of femininity, and all those criticisms of Hillary Clinton’s voice, smile, and more.

plus: John Nichols analyzes Hillary Clinton’s big speech and the place of Bernie Sanders supporters in Democrats’ plans to fight Donald Trump.

and D.D. Guttenplan reports on Bernie and the Bernie people at the convention—the battles, the booing, and the work to keep the movement alive after November.

“Relax: Trump Can’t Win”: 6/21

Trump needs at least five or six million more votes than Romney in 2012.  Where can he get them?  A look at longstanding patterns in American voting suggests that it’s pretty much an impossible task.
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Pico Diary: LA Review of Books 2/25

Lunch at the Cemitas Poblanas truck, kindergarteners on their way to make pizza, and a chat with the EMT guys at the Fire Station
— my new Pico Diary, at the LA Review of Books: HERE.

Tavis Smiley Q&A: The Nation 2/8

Tavis Smiley talks about Martin Luther King’s final year—the year that began with his speech condemning the war in Vietnam, where he called the US “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.”  That year ended, of course, with the sanitation workers’ strike in Memphis.
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