Can We Build a Shared Homeland for Israelis And Palestinians?

In this conversation, Jon Wiener and May Pundak of A Land For All discuss a better two-state solution.

Jon Wiener: We want to look beyond the daily news of Israel’s destruction of Gaza and talk about a political solution that will bring real equality and justice to Palestinians as well as Israelis. It’s been clear from the beginning of this war that Netanyahu had no goal beyond what he called “complete victory over Hamas.” But what should happen after the war? The US policy for decades has been to support a two-state solution. But today that seems problematic or obsolete.

May Pundak: The reality is so, so, so bleak today. The war on Gaza, and on the Palestinian people well beyond Gaza, in the West Bank, and in East Jerusalem, and within Israel itself, is continuous and continuing. And children are starving today in Gaza. In a way, it is fair to say that we are all complicit in this. I think it’s important to start there, and not make this a conversation that is on another, higher level that is disconnected from where we are. But I honestly believe that a political vision and a political horizon can be a mechanism to end this war faster.

… continued at The Nation, HERE 4-29-2024