Wed. 7/18: Carl Bernstein on Hillary

Is Hillary a closet leftist and radical feminist? Has she been targeted by a vast right-wing conspiracy? Or will she do whatever it takes to win? We’ll talk with CARL BERNSTEIN about Hillary’s 1960s; why she left Washington for Arkansas in 1974; why her 1993 health care plan ended in disaster; and why so many people don’t like her. Carl Bernstein of course is the Watergate Pulitzer Prize-winner; his new book is A WOMAN IN CHARGE: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Plus: KATHA POLLITT says Alexander Cockburn is wrong when he argues that the anti-war movement is weak because it fails to show “international political solidarity” with “Iraqi resistance fighters.” Katha writes the blog “And Another Thing” at and the “Subject to Debate” column in The Nation magazine.

Also: BIG COAL. If you think of coal as a relic of 19th century industrialization, you’re wrong. Coal today supplies more than half of the electricity in the US today. George Bush calls coal our “economic destiny” – because we’ve got so much of it, and it’s so cheap. But as JEFF GODDELL explains, Coal-fired power plants in the US are responsible for nearly 40 percent of the emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, and air pollution from coal plants has killed more than half a million Americans in the last 20 years. Jeff’s book is Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America’s Energy Future.