Wed. 3/14: “It’s not just Walter Reed”

The last few weeks have seen a vast outpouring of reports on mistreatment of wounded Iraq war outpatients following the Washington Post’s revelations of conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Stories of neglect and substandard care have flooded in from soldiers, their family members, veterans, doctors and nurses working inside the system. The official response has been swift —
but the reaction outside official Washington has been much deeper. ANNE HULL of the Washington Post explains – she broke the story of the shocking conditions at Walter Reed. Also: SEE Washington Post photos of the wounded.
Your Minnesota Moment: The suicide of a marine came after he served in Iraq.

Also: OIL ON THE BRAIN: Americans consume 10,000 gallons of gas a second – three gallons per person per day. Where does all this oil come from? And where is it taking us? LISA MARGONELLI explains – her new book is Oil on the Brain. Barbara Ehrenreich says: “from the corner gas station to the oil fields of Nigeria, there couldn’t be a better traveling companion than Margonelli. She’s fast, fearless, funny, and a brilliant observer.”
Lisa Margonelli will be in conversation at the downtown LA Public Library ALOUD series at 700pm tonight/Wed – the event officially is “Full – standby only.”

Plus: THE TROUBLE WITH DIVERSITY: Our celebration of “difference” masks our neglect of America’s vast economic divide—that’s what WALTER BENN MICHAELS argues in his new book. Affirmative action in schools has not made them more open, it’s just guaranteed that the rich kids come in the appropriate colors. Diversity training in the workplace has not raised anybody’s salary (except maybe the diversity trainers’), but it has guaranteed that when your job is outsourced, your culture will be treated with respect.