KPFK 11/28: Hillary Up to Now

Thanks to her sure-footedness, her rivals’ mistakes, and diminishing Democratic divisions, Hillary has built a commanding lead – but we haven’t heard from Iowa yet. That’s what HAROLD MEYERSON says — he’s an op-ed columnist for the Washington Post, and he wrote the cover story for the new issue of The American Prospect.

Also: Our Bodies, Ourselves may be the most influential left book of the last thirty years. LINDA GORDON explains how the feminist women’s health manual transformed women’s understanding of health and sexuality and changed US medicine. Linda teaches history at NYU, and wrote about The Making of Our Bodies, Ourselves by Kathy Davis for The Nation.

Plus: THE SLAVE SHIP: 12 million Africans were transported across the Atlantic over three centuries, mostly on British and American ships. MARCUS REDIKER talks about the “wooden world” where British and American captains faced threats of mutiny and insurrection. His new book tells an intimate human history of an inhuman institution. It’s “a magnificent and disturbing work” — that’s what Robin D.G. Kelley says.
Marcus Rediker an award-winning historian, and also a teacher and activist.