Trump and Immigrants: Laila Lalami; plus Michael Walzer on Organizing, and Michael Ames on Bowe Bergdahl

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Trump’s target in the 2020 election will be immigrants, ‘The Other Americans’—that’s the title of the new novel by Laila Lalami. Her last novel, “The Moor’s Account,” won the American book award and was a Pulitzer finalist. She’s written for the New York Times, the Washington Post, Harper’s, and The Guardian, and she’s a columnist for The Nation.
Plus: we talk about organizing to defeat Trump–about movement strategies and tactics, & political issues and campaigns. Our guest is Michael Walzer — His new book is “Political Action: A practical guide to Movement politics.”
Also: during the presidential campaign, Donald Trump often talked about an American soldier in Afghanistan who became the longest-held American POW since Vietnam. Trump said was quote “a dirty rotten traitor” who should be shot or thrown from a plane. He was talking about Bowe Bergdahl, that story is told in a new book, “American Cypher”–we’ll speak with the co-author, Michael Ames. 8/1/19