The Legendary Hero of Late-Night Radio: KPFK 4/3

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The legendary hero of late-night radio in New York:
BOB FASS has mixed music, politics, comedy and reports from the street on his midnight show on WBAI for 50 years.  Now he’s the subject of an award-winning documentary: “RADIO UNNAMEABLE”–opening Friday at the Arena Cinema in Hollywood, next to the Egyptian.  WATCH the trailer HERE.

Plus: Tripping in Topanga: OLIVER SACKS, the legendary neuroscientist and New Yorker writer, talks about his youthful experiences with hallucinogenic drugs — his new book is Hallucinations.

Also: The Pacific from Captain Cook to the Gold Rush: a world of whalers and merchants, epidemics and plagues, captives and hostages, and the rise of the American empire.  Historian DAVID IGLER explains; his new book is THE GREAT OCEAN: Pacific Worlds from Captain Cook to the Gold Rush.  “Engaging, richly detailed, and full of compelling stories that change our understanding of life in and around the world’s greatest ocean.”–Matt. K. Matsuda, Rutgers U.