The Doors’ John Densmore on “The Greed Gene”: KPFK 6/19

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Some people never sell out
: one of them is JOHN DENSMORE, drummer for The Doors.  Today he talks about how he worked to block commercial exploitation of The Doors’ music, and how that conflict reflects a much larger problem: that no amount of money seems to be enough, even for the wealthiest people.  John’s new book is The Doors: Unhinged–Jim Morrison’s Legacy Goes On Trial.
Also: A visit to Varanassi: our producer JOSH NUNI talks about sitar lessons, weddings, and the funeral pyres in the Hindu holy city on the Ganges.
Afghan girls school
Plus: In Afghanistan girls used to sneak out to go to school, with deadly consequences if they got caught.  Now girls’ schools are alive and well—we’ll speak with SHABANA Basij-Rasikh, the founder of  SOLA.  WATCH Shabana’s TED talk HERE.