The Dirty Secrets of Rocky Flats: KPFK 6/13

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Growing up next door to a plutonium weapons factory: KRISTEN IVERSENtalks about her  “hauntingly beautiful memoir that is also a devastating investigation into the human costs of building and living with the atomic bomb” (Kai Bird).   The site is Rocky Flats, outside Denver; the book is Full Body Burden   READ an excerpt in The Nation HERE.

Also:  HAROLD MEYERSON explains what happens if America loses its unions – a necessary question after Wisconsin.  Harold’s new piece for the Washington Post is HERE — and for The American Prospect HERE.

Plus:  LILLIAN HELLMAN was the most successful woman playwright in American history and a hero of the fight against HUAC – and also, ALICE KESSLER-HARRIS says, “A Difficult Woman” – that’s the title of her new bio on “the Challenging Life and Times of Lillian Hellman.”   Alice is professor of American history at Columbia University and past president of the Organization of American Historians.