My Lai Hero Hugh Thompson: KPFK interview 2/2000

The man who stopped the My Lai massacre, Hugh Thompson, died on Jan 6, 2006.
He was a military helicopter pilot who put his helicopter down between the soldiers and villagers, ordering his men to shoot their fellow Americans if they attacked the civilians. “There was no way I could turn my back on them,” he later said of the victims. We’  interviewed him in February 2000.

also on this show on KPFK Wed. 1/11: SAM ALITO is sort of like ROBERT BORK: he has a long and full record of challenging liberal positions on presidential power, abortion, civil rights and control of corporations. More than any nomination in memory, his threatens to finally transform the court. ROBERT SCHEER will explain: he writes a syndicated column and edits

Plus: Israeli Prime Minister ARIEL SHARON’s massive stroke has caused an earthquake in the political landscape there – he had dominated Israeli politics for two decades and had been expected to win the next elections. But does the sudden end of his politicl career make any difference to the Palestinians? AMY WILENTZ will comment: she was Jerusalem correspondent for the New Yorker, and wrote an award-winning novel, Martyr’s Crossing, about Palestinians and Israelis.