Our Politics of Fear: KPFK 4/24

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Our politics of fear:  L
ast week’s bombing in Boston feels like the most important event in the universe, but  Americans are safe and secure  by any rational standard.  Except maybe for West, Texas, where last week’s fertilizer factory explosion left fourteen dead, eleven of whom were first responders, and 200 injured.  Why wasn’t that bigger news?  JOHN NICHOLS of The Nation comments.

Also: A big immigrant rights victory: immigrants held for possible deportation must be given a hearing within six months to determine whether they should be released, a federal appeals court decided Tuesday, ruling on a class action suit brought by the ACLU of Southern California.  ACLU attorney MICHAEL KAUFMAN will explain.

“Nothing stops a bullet like a job”: that’s what FATHER GREG BOYLE says – he’s the legendary founder of Homeboy Industries, the project that gets kids away from gang life.  Now he’s featured in a new documentary “G-DOG” – what the homies call the priest.  We’ll speak with Father Greg and also the film’s director FREIDA MOCK.  The SoCal theatrical debut of “G-Dog” is tomrrow, Thurs 4/25, 7:30pm, Laemmle Monica 4-Plex, 1332 2nd St., Santa Monica—Q&A with Father G and Freida follows.  Other screenings: http://www.laemmle.com/search.php.