Obama in 2009: Where’s the “hope”? KPFK Wed 12/30

HAROLD MEYERSON on Obama in 2009: what happened to “Hope”? Escalation in Afghanistan, the bailout of Wall Street, and giving up on the public option, for a start.  And why isn’t he doing more to create jobs?  Harold writes for the Washington Post op-ed page and The American Prospect. READ Harold’s “Decade of Dread” column HERE

Also: RICKY JAY,  master of what he calls “deceptive practices,” does amazing things with a deck of cards.  He also appeared in the David Mamet film “The Spanish Prisoner” as well as “Magnolia” and “Boogie Nights.”  He’s the author of  “Jay’s Journal of Anomalies.”
Now he has a new live show, “A Rogue’s Gallery” — it’s running at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood through Jan. 10.
WATCH Ricky Jay’s amazing card trick on YouTube  HERE.
(originally aired 9/26/2001)

Plus: “The Dark Side” – that’s where Dick Cheney said we would have to go to “achieve our objectives” in the White House’s war on terror. JANE MAYER of The New Yorker has been investigating what “the dark side” really means.  I spoke with her before a live audience at the LA Public Library ALOUD series recently; we have the tape.  Her book is out now in paperback.
(originally aired 7/29/09)