NSA Secrets: KPFK Wed. 7/21

America’s most powerful – and most secretive – intelligence service is the National Security Agency – they’re the people who monitor cell phones and computer networks around the globe and here at home.  MATTHEW AID has been researching the NSA for a long time – and now his book The Secret Sentry is out in paperback.  Also: READ James Bamford on the NSA HERE.

Also: Obama is having a bad summer – who do the Republicans have on deck to challenge him?  JOHN NICHOLS says it looks like SARAH PALIN is the best they’ve got–and, he says, the current primary season shows her to be smarter and more capable than we thought.  John is Washington correspondent for The Nation and writes “The Beat” blog at TheNation.com.

Also: KPFK Sports!  The owners are ruining the games we love – that’s what DAVE ZIRIN says, starting with George Steinbrenner, who died recently.  The big question: Are the Frank and Jamie McCourt, owners of the Dodgers,  spending more money on their divorce lawyers than on their pitching staff? Dave writes about the politics of sports in his new book Bad Sports: How Owners are Ruining the Games We Love.