Mike Davis & Daniel Ellsberg: KPFK Wed. 11-24

MIKE DAVIS talks about CHALMERS JOHNSON, our most brilliant and acute critic of American empire, author of the award-winning Blowback and more recently The Sorrows of Empire and Dismantling the Empire. He died Saturday.  Also we’ll listen to my last interview with Chalmers.
READ Tom Engelhardt on Chalmers Johnson’s passing HERE.

Plus: DANIEL ELLSBERG has been arrested more than 60 times – but not for the Pentagon Papers.  In this interivew he recalls his anti-war activism in — and out — of jail.

Also: GREIL MARCUS has been writing about BOB DYLAN since the mid-sixties, working with “a fan’s intensity and a detective’s persistence.”   Greil’s new book, collecting 40 years of criticism — and ending with Dylan’s performance on election night in 2008 in Minneapolis, is Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus: Writings, 1968-2010.
Playlist: “With God on our Side,” Live 1964 at Philharmonic Hall (with Joan Baez); “Like a Rolling  Stone,” Best of the Original Mono Recordings.