KPFK 2-4: Chalmers Johnson on Empire

Nat Turner led the bloodiest slave rebellion in American history — now, award-winning L.A. filmmaker Charles Burnett has made a fascinating one-hour film about the meanings of the Nat Turner rebellion today — the film will be broadcast Tues., Feb. 10 at 10pm on KCET.

Primary results: John Kerry beat the other Democrats on Tuesday; can he beat Bush in November? David Corn of The Nation comments — his new book is The Lies of George W. Bush. see also

Also: Those worried that America might be slinking towards imperialism miss the point: America already has an empire. Chalmers Johnson explains — his new book is The Sorrows of Empire, and he will be reading and signing it on Sunday (Feb 8) at 3pm at Midnight Special on 2nd St. in Santa Monica.

web extra: the CNN poll published Monday has Kerry beating Bush 53-46. The poll showed Bush’s job approval rating at 49 percent among all the adults surveyed, the first time since he became president that his job approval has dipped below 50 percent.