The Gaza Disaster: KPFK Wed 1/7

The Gaza disaster: MARK LeVINE comments on Israel’s invasion, now 12 days old, which has killed 660 Palestinians – while Palestinians have killed 6 Israelis.  Mark teaches Mideast history at UC Irvine, his most recent book is Heavy Metal Islam, and he’s written for the, Al Jazeera International, and the Huffington PostREAD Mark’s latest blog post on Gaza at History News Network.

Plus: Our Washington update: HAROLD MEYERSON of the Washington Post op-ed page talks about Obama’s latest appointments; and Your Minnesota Moment: Al Franken wins–but doesn’t take his Senate seat – yet.  READ Harold’s new piece, “A Page from the Hoover Playbook.”

Also: The hidden history of the Reagan revolution: corporate execs opposed to labor unions, government regulation and welfare spending were more important than right-wing Christians, anticommunist neo-cons and disgruntled working-class whites—that’s what KIM PHILLIPS-FEIN says.  They provided the money and the organization for a war against New Deal liberalism. Kim teaches US history at NYU and writes for The Nation; her new book is Invisible Hands: The Making of the Conservative Movement from the New Deal to Reagan.