Bush’s Final Days: KPFK Wed. 1/14

Five days left on the Bush countdown clock; in the president’s exit interviews, he has defended his handling of Katrina, Iraq, and Gitmo.  JOHN NICHOLS will comment on Clinton replacing Condi Rice, and whether Eric Holder will investigate Bush Administration constitutional violations.   John is Washington Correspondent for The Nation, and he writes “The Beat” blog at TheNation.com.

Plus: Growing up black and affluent in LA:  JENNIFER BASZILE remembers the seventies in Palos Verdes – she was the first black female professor in the Yale history department, and her powerful and beautifully written new book is The Black Girl Next Door.

Also: Growing up in Iran in the eighties: AZAR NAFISI was expelled from the University of Tehran in 1981 after refusing to wear the veil. She went on to write the best-seller Reading Lolita in Tehran, and now she has a new memoir out: Things I’ve been Silent About.  Azar Nafasi will be speaking tonight/Wed. in the downtown LA Public Library ALOUD series at 700pm – 5th and Flower streets.

Gaza update: Israel for the first time in its 60-year history has banned Arab parties from participating in the upcoming election: READ the news in Haaretz.