KPFK Wed. 10/29: Could McCain Win?

Could McCain win? It’s not impossible:  JOHN NICHOLS of The Nation will look at the polls and the undecided voters in the swing states.  We’ll also have Your Minnesota Moment: Al Franken’s campaign to retire Senator Norm Coleman, and our new hero, El Tinklenberg, running against  Michelle Bachmann for the House seat for St. Cloud — she’s the one who called for a media investigation to determine which members of Congress are “anti-American.”

Also: VOTE SUPRESSION is a key part of the Republican strategy – but in order to change the outcome in a state, the vote must be close.  ANDREW GUMBEL will explain – he wrote Steal This Vote; his new piece at is “Protect This Election.”

And: NO on 8: JENNY PIZER of Lambda Legal Defense runs through the arguments about the initiative banning gay marriage in California.  Two key facts: Prop. 8 has nothing to do with schools.  Prop. 8 is about equality for all.

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