John Densmore on Bernie Sanders: KPFK 10/14

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, drummer for The Doors, talks about Bernie Sanders — and about the new film Window of Opportunity, a suspensful dark comedy thriller about corporate greed that he produced. It’s screening Oct 28 at 7:30 at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood—a benefit for Bernie. WATCH the trailer HERE.

Plus: The day that Dylan went electric: we’ll speak with ELIJAH WALD about the legendary moment in our history at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965—and listen to rare audio of Dylan playing “Maggie’s Farm” that day. Wald’s new book is Dylan Goes Electric!
Also: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is documentary made by the award-winning filmmaker ALEX GIBNEY — is our featured thank-you gift this hour of the KPFK fund drive. We’ll be speaking with Alex Gibney about why people join Scientology—and what happens when they try to leave.