Is ‘Pro-Choice’ Passé? Katha Pollitt on KPFK 1/30

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Forty years after Roe v. Wade, for the first time since polling began on this issue, more people are telling Gallup they are pro-life than say they are pro-choice.  Does that mean we need to replace the term “pro-choice” with something else?  If so, what?  KATHA POLLITT comments; she’s a columnist for The Nation.

ALSO: Republicans and Randians – Ayn Rand, that is: JOHN NICHOLS talks about the strange ideas of our opposition party – especially those of Ron Johnson, the Wisconsin Republican who defeated Russ Feingold.  John is Washington correspondent for The Nation.

PLUS:  Another day older and deeper in debt: historian STEVE FRASER talks about the politics of debt in America, from debtor’s prison to our present debtor nation.  Steve is author of Wall Street: America’s Dream Palace.  He wrote about debt for TomDispatch and Jacobin.