Is Obama’s Health Care Plan in Trouble? KPFK 8/5

Are people really turning against Obama’s health care plan? That’s what polls say.  That’s what Republicans are working on.  HAROLD MEYERSON will comment – he’s an op-ed columnist for the Washington Post.  Also: Gallup Poll shows only 5 Republican states.

And  JANE MAYER of The New Yorker talks about the “vast, secret regime of pain and torture” created by the Bush White house.  Her award-winning book The Dark Side is out now in paperback.  This is part 2 of my conversation with her in the downtown LA Public Library ALOUD series.  (Thanks again to Louise Steinman and the ALOUD staff for making this audio available for broadcast.)

And we’ll talk about bottled water: do you really need to drink bottled water?  Water from Fiji, or France, or the Sierras?  Do you really need nine glasses a day?  How bad is municipal tap water?  Elizabeth Royte has some answers – her book Bottlemania: Big Business, Local Springs, and the Battle Over America’s Drinking Water is out now in paperback. (originally broadcast 7/30/08)