Guns on Campus, Texas Style–KPFK 9/16

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Guns on campus: the Texas story
. The Texas legislature recently voted to allow faculty, staff, visitors and students over age 21 to carry concealed handguns on college campuses.  We’ll have comment from MATT VALENTINE; he teaches writing and photography at UT Austin and wrote about guns on campus for Politico.

Plus: The second Republican debate is tonight: JOHN NICHOLS will review the situation, perhaps mentioning Donald Trump.  John of course is Washington Correspondent for The Nation.

Also: The battle for the beach continues: the rich and powerful who own property along Malibu’s 27-mile coastline fight to keep the public away from the sand and surf in front of their houses. Too often the LA county sherriffs help them. But the coastline belongs to everybody, and we have a right to beach access. Now JENNY PRICE has developed an app that pinpoints beach access points—and provides help when the sherriffs arrive.
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