From Fukushima to Washington DC – KPFK 3/30

Nuclear power industry execs testified in Washington yesterday that we have nothing to worry about – except perhaps the fact that almost all American nuclear power plants have backup batteries that would last only half as long as those at Japan’s troubled Fukushima DAN HIRSCH comments: he’s head of Committee to Bridge the Gap, which has been fighting nuclear power for more than three decades.

Plus, our Wisconsin update:  JOHN NICHOLS reports live from Madison  – he calls it “Lawless FitzWalkerstan.” WATCH recall campaign TV ad HERE

Also: Lincoln and slavery: how our greatest president changed his mind about abolition, emancipation, and black voting rights: historian ERIC FONER explains — and provides helpful hints about updating a lecture on Lincoln.  His book The Fiery Trial just won the Bancroft Prize and the Lincoln Prize, the two biggest awards in the history profession.  (originally broadcast 12/1/10)