Bohemians Then and Now: KPFK 4/23

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Hipsters, jazzmen, underground poets, artists
in garrets – Bohemians all, and they are the subject of a wonderful new graphic book by PAUL BUHLE and an all-star cast of comic artists: Bohemians.
Also: OLIVER SACKS, the legendary neurologist and New Yorker writer, on tripping in Topanga in the ’60s–his book Hallucinations is out now in paperback.
Plus: black musical anthems – songs of solidarity and citizenship, from “Lift Every Voice” to “Young, Gifted and Black.”  We’ll listen to some music–including Kim Weston, Paul Robeson and Nina Simone–and talk about it with SHANA REDMOND —she teaches American studies at USC, and her new book is Anthem: Social Movements and the Sound of Solidarity in the African Diaspora.