On Tuesday, Alabama Decides Between an Accused Child Molester and a Democrat: Howell Raines Q&A

Howell Raines: “This is the most competitive and theatrical race we’ve had in Alabama since 1970, when George Wallace defeated a New South progressive named Albert Brewer by running the most racist campaign in Alabama history. What is being tested here, put most bluntly, is whether the swing voters in Alabama would rather send a suspected pedophile to the Senate than vote for a Democrat.”
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Rick Perlstein: The Trouble With Anti-Trump Republicans

Despite their truth-telling about Trump’s offenses and violations, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and John McCain still vote with him 90 percent of the time: Rick Perlstein, author of the classic Nixonland, says in this interview that that’s the trouble with anti-Trump Republicans.
Dec.1, 2017
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Trump’s Ghostwriter Says the President Is Now In Survival Mode

Q&A with Tony Schwartz, the author behind The Art of the Deal–he says Trump has always been “100 percent self-absorbed, incapable of interest in other human beings, and completely self-referential. Even 30 years ago, he had an incredibly short attention span. Lying was almost second nature to him; he did it as easily as most of us drink a glass of water.”  But now, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller closes in, he is “moving to a darker place.”
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The Political Roots of Houston’s Flooding

A Q&A with The Nation’s Managing Editor, Roane Carey, who spent the week trapped in Houston — studying the history of 100-year floods, and developers’ fight against local groups seeking limits of development of prairie flood plains.