Bob Dylan: ‘Another Self Portrait’: KPFK 10/9

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Bob Dylan: Another Self Portrait 1969-1971: 35 previously unreleased tracks. 
After Blond on Blond and then Nashville Skyline, Dylan was done with fitting into other people’s categories. While the sixties were crashing, he retreated to Nashville and Woodstock to play with musicians who loved the sweet and weird old songs as much as he did. We’ll listen to key cuts and speak with SEAN WILENTZ, the official historian-in-residence at the official website and author of Bob Dylan in America.

Also Valerie Plame is the former CIA officer who was outed in 2003 by the Bush White House after her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, challenged Bush’s rationale for invading Iraq.  Now she has a new book out, her first work of fiction – it’s titled Blowback.  We’ll speak with her about fact and fiction about the CIA.
Valerie Plame will be in conversation with Robert Baer  Wed., 7:30pm, at New Roads School, 3131 W. Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica; Tickets, $25  HERE.
WATCH the  Global Zero video HERE .