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Political update with John Nichols: KPFK 10/12

John Nichols of The Nation reviews the week’s exhausting political events — revelations about Trump’s sexual assaults, and the political response from Republicans.

Also, Bernie Sanders speaks! –about why he supports Hillary, and the tasks facing us the day after she’s elected.  We have clips from The Nation interview with Bernie, introduced by John Nichols, who did the interview along with Katrina vanden Heuvel.

And, for our fund drive thank-you gift, we are featuring the new book by Bernie Sanders, Our Revolution.


Trump’s Professors: 10/11

Most presidential candidates have a bunch of academic economists and PhD policy experts from universities as advisers. Hillary Clinton has dozens. Donald Trump, however, has only one: an economist at the UC Irvine business school named Peter Navarro. He’s sticking with Trump even after the groping tape. He ran for office several times as a Democrat—and lost. His status as the only academic on Trump’s economic advisory team says a lot about the ideas and proposals that Trump has been espousing.
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Mormons against Trump: 10/10

After the news broke about Donald Trump’s boasting on tape of sexual assault, the first politicians to withdraw their endorsements of Trump and call on him to abandon the race were Mormons. . .  Why was it Mormons, and not evangelical Protestants or Catholics, who went first and took a principled stand against Trump’s boasts about being a sexual predator?
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The Clinton-Trump Electoral Map Looks Almost Exactly Like the Obama-Romney Map. How Is That Possible?, 10/7

There’s never been a candidate like Donald Trump—but after all the outrage and anxiety he has aroused, it looks like the Trump-Clinton electoral map will be almost exactly the same as the Romney-Obama electoral map of 2012. Right now, three weeks out, Trump is leading in all the states Romney won, according to, except for North Carolina; Clinton is leading in all the states Obama won, except maybe for Iowa. Obama won with 332 electoral votes; it looks like Clinton will win with about the same.  How is that possible?  … continued at HERE


A Journey Into the Heart of Trump Country: The Nation podcast 10/6

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For her new book, sociologist Arlie Hochschild listened to Trump supporters explain their world in their own words. She spent five years in southwestern Louisiana searching for their “deep story,” which she recounts in Strangers in Their Own Landit’s been shortlisted for the National Book Award.

Plus: The battle inside Trump’s campaign about whether to take the low road, or the high one. Amy Wilentz analyzes the roles of Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr.—who, we are told, are trying to get their father to campaign on actual political issues.

And we’ll also hear about a chilling disaster at a Titan II missile complex in Arkansas in September, 1980, where the most powerful nuclear warhead in our arsenal was almost detonated. That’s the subject of the new documentary Command and Control—director Robert Kenner and writer Eric Schlosser explain. The film rolls out this week across the nation.


Katha Pollitt: ‘If Hillary Loses, It’s Your Fault’: The Nation podcast 9/29

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unenthusiastic about Hillary Clinton? Katha Pollitt says, “If she loses, it’s your fault”—so it’s time to go to work on phone banks and canvassing.

Also: Why does Trump appeal to so many voters?  Kai Wright went deep into to Trump territory on Long Island to find out—he’s host and producer of The Nation’s new podcast, “The United States of Anxiety.”

Plus: The Labour left won a big victory in Britain with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as party leader. D.D. Guttenplan explains.


Post-debate exuberance in Hillaryland: John Nichols on KPFK

For our political update today, we’ll talk with John Nichols about the world after the great debate on Monday night: the exuberance and feeling of triumph among Clinton supporters.

Also: a new documentary about a chilling disaster at a Titan II missile complex in Arkansas in September, 1980, where the most powerful nuclear warhead in our arsenal nearly was detonated.  We’ll speak with award-winning director Robbie Kenner and the writer Eric Schlosser about “Command and Control”–the film opens Friday at the Nuart in LA and is rolling out across America.

Plus: the death penalty in California.  Voters here will face TWO death penalty initiatives on the November ballot – Prop 62 would abolish the death penalty, while Prop. 66 attempts to quote “fix” it make it work faster.  Stephen Rohde says “Yes on 62, Nix on 66!”


Bernie Sanders Speaks: The Nation podcast 9/22

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The Nation interview with Bernie
: John Nichols, who with Katrina vanden Heuvel sat down with the senator, sets the scene and introduces our excerpts.  Bernie talks about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the future of the Democratic Party.

Plus: Edward Snowden explains his motivation for revealing the extent of NSA surveillance, and says he’d be willing to go to jail if he could come home. Amy Wilentz explains Snowden’s appearance via live video from Moscow at a UC Irvine conference and introduces our excerpts.

Also: Henry Kissinger, war criminal and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, has announced he will not endorse either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Greg Grandin talks about Kissinger’s life and crimes—his book Kissinger’s Shadow is out now in paperback.


The Political Impact of Latino Immigration: KPFK 9/21

The political impact of Latino immigrants on state politics: HAROLD MEYERSON explains the difference between Texas, which has an identical proportion of Latinos and is a terrible Republican state, and California, which is Democratic, and pretty darn good.

Also: What’s it like to be an abortion provider in Utah—where state laws have made it almost impossible for women to get abortions?  we’ll ask Dr. Leah Torres – she’s one of about ten remaining abortion providers in the entire state.

Plus: our dirty elections: ANDREW GUMBEL has that unfortunate story.  He’s an award-winning investigative reporter who worked for 20 years as a foreign correspondent for The Guardian and the Independent, and his new book is Down for the Count: Dirty Elections and the Rotten History of Democracy in America.


California’s Corporate Democrats — and the Progressives Challenging Them: 9/16

In the California state Assembly, the so-called “moderates” are doing the bidding of the Oil Lobby, Big Pharma, and the real estate developers — but Bernie’s ‘Our Revolution’ is joining a key fight to stop them.
The battleground: San Bernardino.