Woodstock Ultimate Edition DVD: KPFK Wed. 6/10

‘3 Days of Peace & Music’: that was Woodstock, summer of ’69, a climactic moment of the sixties and an unforgettable concert film.  In the KPFK fund drive today, we feature a new DVD “Woodstock Ultimate Collector’s Edition” with an all-new cut of the film, plus some fabulous extras: concert footage from two great bands, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Grateful Dead, that didn’t appear in the original film.  Also: performances from two other acts that weren’t included in the original film: Paul Butterfield and Johnny Winter — along with additional numbers by several artists that did appear in the movie, including Joan Baez, Joe Cocker and the Who.  And of course Jimi Hendrix.  This glorious 3 DVD set, released today, can be yours for a pledge of  $150.   call 818-985-5735 during the show, 4-5pm,  or pledge online www.kpfk.org/pledge/catalog/