Wikileaks and National Security: KPFK 6/29

A federal grand jury in Alexandria VA is working on the Wikileaks case and may soon bring charges against Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and 2 hackers for national security violations.  ERWIN CHEMERINSKY will comment on the terrible Espionage Act and on Obama’s record on overclassification — he’s dean of the law school at UCI.

Also: KPFK Sports!  The Dodgers are victims of “CEO capitalism run amok” – that’s what HAROLD MEYERSON says, he’s executive editor The American Prospect and writes for the op-ed pages of the Washington Post and the L.A. Times.

Plus: Homeless vets in Brentwood: the ACLU of Southern California is suing the V.A., which rents part of the Brentwood V.A. land to Enterprise rent-a-car and part to a laundry for the Marriott hotels, but refuses to fulfill their legal obligation to house homeless disabled vets.  MARK ROSENBAUM will explain – he’s Chief Counsel of the ACLU-SC.