Why California is so different politically:
KPFK 8/26

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Why is California so different
politically from the rest of the country–so much more progressive? HAROLD MEYERSON has some answers—he writes for The American Prospect and the op-ed pages at the Washington Post and the LA Times.

Also: Henry Kissinger, war criminal, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and,  GREG GRANDIN says, source of many of our current problems in the world. Greg’s new book is Kissinger’s Shadow: The Long Reach of America’s Most Controversial Statesman.

Plus: KATHA POLLITT, columnist for The Nation, talks about Learning to Drive, her New Yorker essay about the aftermath of a big break-up. It’s been made into a film, playing now in LA.  It stars Ben Kingsley as the driving instructor – and Katha is being played by the wonderful Patricia Clarkson.
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