What if Ron Paul wins in Iowa? KPFK Wed. 12/21

In the upcoming Iowa caucuses, Republicans like  anti-war Ron Paul–and Democrats may vote for “Uncommitted” rather than Obama. JOHN NICHOLS explains – he blogs at TheNation.com.

Also: TOM FRANK talks about the “bottomless sense of grievance” on the right today – for example, the “Team Infidel” people who blast Korans with shotguns—see their YouTube video.  Tom wrote about “Semper Infidelis” for Harper’s in December; his new book is Pity the Billionaire.

Plus: GREIL MARCUS on The Doors.  They remain at the heart of “the mythic life of their generation” – and their music still “shimmers with the dread that is with us still.” Greil’s new book is The Doors: A Lifetime of Listening to Five Mean Years. Playlist: “Light My Fire” (live at the Matrix), “L.A. Woman,” “The End,”  “Gloria” (Live).

And we’ll pay tribute to CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, a frequent guest on the show — with an exerpt from our interview about God is Not Great. Christopher died on Saturday.