What Bernie Has Already Won: Bob Borosage, plus Joan Walsh on Elizabeth Warren and John Sayles on ‘Yellow Earth’

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Bernie has already won–the ideas primary: That’s what Bob Borosage argues. Bernie sets the agenda for the race and the other candidates define themselves in relations to his positions.
Also: pundits have declared that Elizabeth Warren is finished, but we’re not so sure. While Warren came in third in Iowa and fourth in New Hampshire and Nevada, only a hundred delegates have been selected—while more than 1,900 delegates are necessary to win. Eventually, progressives and moderates in the party will have to come together–Could Warren be the unity candidate? Joan Walsh takes up that question.
Plus: John Sayles has directed two dozen films, including Matewan and Lone Star. Here he talks about his new novel, ‘Yellow Earth’—it’s about what happens when shale oil is discovered underneath an Indian reservation in the North Dakota badlands—and outsiders descend. 2/26/20