Wed. 9/5: Bush in Al-Anbar

President Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq’s Al-Anbar Province on Monday, part of his drive to persuade Americans we should stay in Iraq because “progress” is being made. JUAN COLE says “The ‘good news’ appears (I swear to God) to be that you can “walk” in Iraq. The 8 billion people in the world walk every day, in most of the world’s locales. Only, if you are American in Fallujah you might need a company of Marines with you so that you can . . . walk. Is al-Anbar Province really paradise, as Bush suggested?” Juan writes the indispensible Iraq war blog “Informed Comment” – his new book is Napoleon’s Egypt: Invading the Middle East.

Also: Update on the Republicans – with HAROLD MEYERSON. He says Bush and Cheney deserve to be impeached – but impeaching them will make it harder to end the US war in Iraq and win universal health care. Harold wrote “The Trouble with Impeachment” for The American Prospect; he’s also an op-ed columnist for the Washington Post.

kathaPlus: Award-winning Nation magazine columnist KATHA POLLITT talks about some lessons she’s learned from her own life – about her boyfriend who deceived her (her driving instructor points out her weakness–“Observation, Katha, observation!”) and the noble final days of her leftist study group.
The stories are told in her new book LEARNING TO DRIVE: AND OTHER LIFE STORIES—it’s “painfully hilarious to read,” the Boston Globe said. “Pollitt’s tone of incredulous fury is pitch perfect.”
Katha writes the column “Subject to Debate” for The Nation; her blog, “And Another Thing,” runs at