Wed. 8/8: The 50-State Strategy

Can Democrats win in places they abandoned to the Republicans decades ago? BOB MOSER reports from “Bible-thumping, economically slumping” Wilkes County, North Carolina – and the news is good. Bob wrote the “Purple America” cover story in the new issue of The Nation, and his reports on politics in the red states will be running in the magazine through the campaign year.

Also: Opportunities in Abstinence Training: BARBARA EHRENREICH says “unlike any of the rest of the coaching industry–career coaching, life coaching, sales training, etc.–this form of training is generously subsidized by the federal government, and has been since President Clinton signed the welfare reform bill of 1996, which provided abstinence training for impoverished women (though not, alas, for him.)”  Barbara’s latest book is Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy.

Julian BondPlus: JULIAN BOND on SNCC, the sixties, and civil rights: his essay, “The Movement We Helped Make,” appears in the book Long Time Gone: Sixties America Then and Now, edited by Alexander Bloom. (originally broadcast July 31, 2001).

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