Wed. 8/1: Genocide in Iraq?

First they said the war was justified to get rid of WMD in Iraq. Then they said war was justified to bring democracy to Iraq. Now they are saying war is justified to prevent genocide in Iraq. We’ll ask JUAN COLE what he thinks – he writes the indispensable “Informed Comment” blog on the war in Iraq and teaches Middle Eastern history at the University of Michigan. His new book is Napoleon’s Egypt:Invading the Middle East.

Also: Should corporations be bottling and selling our drinking water? The more the public accepts bottled water, the more it accepts that corporations, not local governments, should provide people with a shared common resource like water. That’s what GIGI KELLETT says—she’s director of the “Think Outside the Bottle” campaign of Corporate Accountability International.

BushPlus: our Washington political update with HAROLD MEYERSON. We’ll talk about Alberto Gonzales, Dick Cheney, George Bush, and of course the opposition party. Harold is he’s executive editor of the American Prospect and op-ed columnist for the Washington Post.

More stuff to read: in my new piece at, “President Rudy,” I ask Kevin Baker whether Giuliani would be a better president than Bush.